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How does this work? I have jeans I want to Relove, help!

A: Once you have chosen & completed checking out  your desired Upcycled style. Ship your recycled goods to start the process.

Where do you find your recycled goods?
A: These treasures are found in a variety of thrift, vintage shops and small shops during my travels. 

What brand of denim does Recycle Relove provide?
A: It is combination of all retro style high waist denim. Such as Levi, Wrangler, Guess, Lee, Jordace and Gap. There are also a few new school denim offered in particular styles. Additional info will be provided in description.

Do you only shred 100% cotton? 
A: It is preferred for look purposes. Please note that any denim containing Spandex/Lycra will look different than photos shown as majority of the denim used is 100% cotton.

How do I know that my jeans will fit?

A: I always suggest you measure your waist line to be certain before purchasing. You may also ship jeans that you will like recycled. Email for further info. 

When will Recyclerelove items arrive?                                                            A: Your recycled goods will be with you within 2 weeks max from order date. In a rush? Please contact  for more info.

What is your return/exchange policy?
No refunds, exchange only (excludes personal recycled goods and intimates) Items must be in original condition, unworn with tags attached.

Please email to get your issue resolved.